I’m his 3rd owner and he has abandonment issues, as well as abuse history. He won’t pee if he sleeps with me but if he is alone he will pee on anything he lays on to sleep. I have two British Bulldogs and my eldest, who is now 11, started peeing on her bed when we got the younger one. Initially I thought it was a dominance thing, however, it’s been 5 years now and there’s no sign of improvement.

Instead now she doesn’t care if she lays in it. I have even tried not washing the bed just drying it out, but it made no difference. She does not do it during the day though it’s only at night. This is a common occurrence in dogs who have diabetes. Especially if she drinks a lot. Diabetes in dogs is easy to control. What does your vet say about it?

My 12 year old dog started doing that and I couldn’t understand why until one day while petting her I discovered a large lump in her abdomen. Turned out to be a baseball size cancer tumor. My dog wets herself all the time day or night asleep or awake. She is always drinking water. I’m changing her bed 2 to 3 times a day. I love her dearly, but feel I just can not keep her if this continues.

Have you taken the dog to a veterinarian? This sound like a medical problem. Please don’t just get rid of the dog or assume this is just «bad dog» behavior. Sounds like kidney failure or kidney stones. A vet can diagnose the problem. Honestly, I can’t see why you would consider giving her to a shelter before even taking her to the vet at least once to try to figure out what the problem is.

Have your dog checked for diabetes. My French Bulldog came from a pet store and we are the 3rd owner. He is 2 years old and seems to enjoy sleeping in his urine. He will pee on any bedding we give him, he also destroyed our couch with urine and has peed on my pillow recently. Now he is crated at night, but he goes on his blankets and sleeps on it so he is always smelly in the morning. He asks to go potty and we let him out right away, and before bed of course, so it seems he just does it because he likes sleeping on it. I going crazy cause I am tired of washing peed on blankets every single day, his bedroom stinks in the morning and I feel bad to not give him blankets because he really likes to be cozy.

Have you taken your dog to your vet for help? Experienced vets have training and knowledge in this area and can help with possible medication and good suggestions on how to change the dog’s behavior. Lauren, that is what vets are for. They can actually examine the animal and know the right questions to ask. Chances are they have seen many similar cases, and can recommend a dog trainer or behaviorist if one is required. Or you can take the advice from someone on the internet who has never seen your dog, but if it doesn’t work you’ll end up having to take it to the vet anyway. Nobody ever said you could get a dog, a collar and a leash and as long as you feed it there will never be any other expenses associated with it.

Why do people think this is true? I have a 8 year old Pit Bull. She has a doggie door and can go out anytime she wants. She even does it while we’re home. We had a 2 lb. Chihuahua that was the queen bee, who passed away 2 months ago. Could this be affecting Isabella, and why so long after Mia’s passing? What can I do for her? If the two dogs were close that well could be the problembut first be sure to take you dog to your vet to get her checked out for possible medical problems. If you dog gets an all clear from the vet, then there are things you can do to help your pet past her grieving.