How to Pet a Cat. Petting a cat may sound simple, but for children or people who haven’t spent much time around cats, it’s important to know the do’s and don’ts of approaching and touching a cat. Petting in the wrong spot or using too much force or speed can agitate some cats, causing them to bite or scratch. Experts recommend letting it happen on the cat’s terms: seek permission to touch her, and let the cat have control over the interaction. There are a few places where it’s hard to go wrong: areas where cats have scent glands are perfect for petting. Spreading their scent imbues their environment with a familiar smell, which in turn makes them feel happy[…]

How to Remove Cat Urine Smell. Few things are worse than the lingering smell of cat urine. This stubborn problem requires detailed cleaning and a few good habits. Make sure you have the necessary supplies on hand and always be prepared for any surprises your cat has in store for you. Blot the urine on your carpet with paper towels. Try to remove as much of the urine as possible. This will ultimately make your job easier. Use clean paper towels and apply pressure. Repeat with new paper towels until you are unable to soak up any more urine. Skip this step if the urine has already dried. You can also use old throw away towels instead of paper ones.[…]

An unfamiliar cat’s appearance in your yard can cause some serious stress for your cat and also potential dangers to your cat’s health. Should You Use a Laser Light Toy With Your Cat? Powered by Slider Revolution 5. The appearance of an unfamiliar outdoor cat in your yard can create problems in your existing feline family. If your cat is allowed outdoors, the appearance of an unwanted feline stranger can result in fighting. Abscesses commonly result from cat bites because bacteria can get trapped in the tissues after the wound has sealed over on the skin’s surface. Often, a surgical drain must be inserted to allow the abscess to heal from the inside out. Not a pleasant experience for any[…]

Cat questions archive, previously asked and answered. Cat questions archive, — these are previously asked and answered questions to my cat site. They cover all aspects of cats behaviour and also cat heath issues from cat vomiting to feline diabetes questions. So to find your answer quickly, simply enter your search term in the box below to search my previous answers. Please find below some of the questions asked in the previous years. They cover practically every aspect of cat ownership and health and behavioural problems suffered by pet cats. Let me start off by saying you have a cute website! Hi, my cat just turned two years old, and in the past week or so she’s become more distant[…]

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If not cleaned properly and promptly, pet urine stains can settle into the carpet fiber, padding and sometimes even the floor, causing a very stinky and difficult problem. Most pets will continue to urinate in the same area if the smell is not removed completely. If your pet has urinated on your carpet, or you suspect he has, following these steps can help you contain the problem before it gets out of hand. Always test a small, inconspicuous area of the carpet with the intended cleaning solution first to make sure no staining, color fading or other damage will occur. Synthetic Carpets: Spray area with 409 or other specially designed cleaner and let stand for 5 minutes. Wool Rugs: Moisten[…]

How to Remove Urine Odors and Stains Permanently. Tipper just did his business on the carpet beside the much-used fireplace. Or perhaps you’ve had a string of bedwetting while your kids get used to sleeping alone. Whatever the incident, cleaning up urine is no fun. Luckily, whether your stain is fresh or has simmered for a while, there’s a solution for you. Use old towels and paper napkins to soak up as much of the urine as possible. Continue blotting until the area is only a little damp. Remove Urine Odors and Stains Permanently Step 2. Stomp around on the newspaper for at least a minute to bring up as much of the moisture as possible. When you are finished[…]

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At MTG, our goal is to make self-catheterization of the bladder possible for anyone regardless of gender, disease or disability. We’ll mail catheter samples to youfree! Compare our 5 kinds of closed system catheters. Video: Learn how to use a catheter. Where to buy MTG catheters. Having trouble ordering MTG catheters? Fill out our form and we’ll mail free samples of our catheters to you. Our video lessons show you how to perform intermittent catheterization. Find online shops and specialty urological distributors selling MTG urinary catheters. Now tetraplegics and others with limited hand dexterity can easily self-catheterize. At MTG, it’s our goal to make self-catheterization of the bladder possible for anyone regardless of gender, disease, or disability. MTG is a[…]

A guide to getting rid of fleas in your home forever. How to Get Rid of Fleas in your House. How do I get rid of fleas in my home? Do you have a flea problem? Please read all of it. Unfortunately there are no short cuts. 570 fleas developing in your house. DON’T STOP READING BECAUSE IT SEEMS LIKE TOO MUCH HARD WORK. Pets be it Cats of Dogs. You can win this war. How do I break the flea life cycle? It is important to treat all of your pets and your house on the same day.