How do you eliminate the odor once you have been sprayed by a skunk? If threatened, it will stamp its front feet, arch its back, and shuffle away. Here is the secret recipe that WORKS. Be sure to use this mixture immediately after it is created, as it is unstable. Let sit for five minutes and rinse with tap water afterward, and repeat if necessary. For spray in the eyes, flush with water as soon as possible.

Flush the eyes first, with a turkey baster, or garden hose, or just by pouring water out of a cup. Before washing, wear rubber dish gloves and old clothes, and if possible, wash the dog outside. Don’t rinse the dog wet first. This solution will work better if applied directly and concentrated. AAAnimal Control is a professional nuisance wildlife control company. We also offer biological cleanup and many other services.

100’s of professional wildlife control experts. If you have skunks living on your property, you surely know it. As fragrant as they are, it is their nature to use their scent to communicate with other skunks as well as to mark their territory. This can mean a huge, smelly problem for you as the skunks generously dose your home with their unique scent that leaves you gagging and your eyes watering. Skunks forage for food by night and sleep during the day. They eat a variety of foods but prefer meat-type products such as insects and, you got it, the nice tasty bowl of cat food you have sitting out for Mr.

Although they do dig, they prefer to find homes already eradicated for them, which makes the space beneath your deck such prime property for them. And yes, they carry rabies too. Many people fear this and are too worried about it to even think about capturing a skunk live and would rather use poisons or some other inhumane way of getting rid of the creatures. First, discover the entrance and exit points the skunks are using and close all but one of them. You will need to keep one opening so that the skunk and their family can leave and not become trapped under your deck. There are different types of traps on the market to choose from.

There are even closed containers which will prevent the skunk from being able to spray on you, although these types of traps are more difficult to find. When you approach the caged animal you will want to do so cautiously so as to not scaring it into giving you a fragrant bath. If the skunk starts acting agitated, back off slowly and give it time to calm down. One of the most important things to keep in mind when wanting to keep skunks away is to make sure that you are not supplying them with an easy food source. Cat food is a delicacy that they love and is easily attainable when it is left out in the open. Be sure to keep pet food and other food items secured and indoors whenever possible.

If you have gotten rid of skunks and worry about them returning, make sure to thoroughly clean their old home under your deck and disinfect it. Make sure to board up and repair any holes or areas that they can use to move back underneath your deck. HI David, My dog was around a skunk. I am not sure if he was sprayed or just rolled in it or what happened. He does have the smell on the back of his neck. My question is the smell is in my house. Not to bad but bad enough.

I think burning candles seems to spared it more. Right now I have the windows open because the air now is fresh. I was reading your solution about getting rid of skunk smell. I was wondering if that solution will work on my car? Will it ruin the paint on my car or the gloss? I ran one over and my car is smelling! I’m sort of desperate to get rid of the smell. It didn’t happen too long ago. I don’t know if the solution will harm the car. You could try a test on just a tiny little spot to see. Hi — I was wondering if you would have any idea to help us.