Bio-K20 is one of the most powerful and effective products on the market for the complete eradication of dog, cat and other pet urine odours and stains in carpets, fabrics and hard surfaces. It is also extremely effective used outdoors on hard surfaces and on artificial grass surfaces. HOW TO GET RID OF DOG AND CAT URINE ODOURS? Bio-K20 is the scientific answer to the problems associated with all pet wee smells and stains. Can be used safely on carpets, most fabrics and even hard surfaces such as wooden flooring where it works deep in the veins of the material to completely eradicate all odours and stains. Can even be applied onto artificial grass surfaces which are sometimes used by pets as toilet areas.

Highly effective in dealing with dog, cat and most forms of animal urine and faeces contamination. BIO-K20 is a super strength concentrate and should be diluted with water prior to use. Can be equally effective used indoors or outdoors. Use indoors on carpets, furniture and hard flooring or outdoors on pathways, patios, garden areas and artificial grass surfaces. The microbial strains in Bio-K20 are all naturally occuring and have been classified as being harmless to humans and animals. Bio-K20 is a super strength biological formulation containing a complex blend of enzymes and bacteria designed to attack bacterial waste and urine and remove it by digestive action, converting the waste, the main breeding ground for harmful bacteria, smells, etc. The enzymes in Bio-K20 actually digest the urine, uric acid and stains within the fibres of your carpet and fabrics and continue to be active until all of the contamination has been completely and effectively removed.

Bio-K20 should be diluted before use. 2 inch of concentrate to the trigger spray bottle and top up to the rim with warm water. The enzymes are activated when the water is added and the product can then be used. Prior to application dab the area with absorbent paper to remove any existing excess urine and waste from the surface to be treated. Bio-K20 to dry out slowly and naturally. The process can be repeated if necessary over 2 — 3 days until all of the odours and stains have been completely digested but usually only one application should be required. Bio-K20 can also be applied through conventional carpet cleaning machines to digest and remove stains and odours built up over a long period of time.

The product is also ideally suited for use on hard surfaces and can be used to remove stains and pet urine odours from hard flooring. The microbial strains in Bio-K20 are all naturally occurring and have been classified as being harmless to humans and animals. Only make up sufficient product for one application and discard remaining contents after use. Product only remains active for 24 hrs so a fresh solution will be needed for further applications. We are now for the first time also making this speciality product available to the general public. Developed by our chemists working together with leading british universities in this field of biological products.

This product is just one from our range of speciality biological products all of which are very safe and kind to the environment. They are each designed to break down and digest different forms of natural waste, reducing them to simple harmless entities while leaving treated areas clean and odour-free. Being a superior alternative to standard chemicals, our biological cleaning agents remove the cause of the problem rather than trying to mask it. The need for further treatment is thus reduced, saving time and money in the process. After just one application, the persistent odour of cat urine is almost unnoticeable! I’ve tried everything I could find in the past and nothing has worked, until this.

I used this on our artificial lawn with great effect. One big black labrador can leave a horrible pong. I tried loads of stuff including white wine vinegar and bio wahing liquid with little effect. Took a gamble and used it undiluted from a watering can and then watered it in. Ordering more so that I can treat the offending areas regularly. I purchased Bio-K20 to treat 2 solid oak bookcases I inherited from my mum’s house, where her cats had peed down the glass doors and collected in the wooden runners where the glass doors slide.

The soiling had been going on for some time and was probably several years old. I was not particularly hopeful the strong smell would all disappear, but decided if I could not remove the odour, the bookcases would end up on the bonfire, so I must try. I have a very good sense of smell, so it would need to be a complete removal of the smell. The bookcases were well cleaned and then treated and after 1 day the smell had not gone. I re-read the instructions and moved the units to a warmer area where I could more easily check the product had not dried out. As the warmer area dried out the wood too fast, I lightly clingwrapped the areas and continued to spray more BIO-K20 solution on several times a day and clean the rails and change the cling wrap daily. The bookcase with lighter soiling took 3 days for the smell to clear and the one with the heaviest soiling took 6 days of applying Bio-K20 for the smell to be almost gone. The wood looked very dark during the process but a light clean and several days drying out and to my emazement, the smell of cat pee has gone entirely. The smell has not returned 3 weeks later and the wood quickly returned to it’s normal colour and looks great. This product is worth every penny. I shall have to burn something else this November! So glad I went for this product. Cleared up odour from carpet beneath my pet rat’s cage instantly. I would recommend this product whole-heartedly.