I have three cats, 17, 8 and 7 years old. We have 3 litter boxes in the unfinished basement that they have always used. 2, 4 month old kittens who are brothers and they do eerything together. The other day 1 of them got lost and was handed in to a cat rescue centre. Hello, my cat Shnooky has been waking up at night and meowing every few hours.

I usually find him drinking at his water bowl. I have a 7 year old male in-door cat, «Boots» who is the love of my life. My cat just recently had stones removed from his bladder. My cat is 14 years old has very few teeth. Why is our full grown 2 yr old cat going poop in the bath tub when theres 2 litter boxes for them? We have 2 cats and there both doing it.

9 year old male cat has problems with his bathroom. She throws her head back, and licks herself uncontrollably? Why is my cat over grooming herself until the fur has completly gone it that particular spot? MY CAT HAS FLEA’S IS IT SAFE TO TRAVEL TO ANOTHER PERSONS HOUSE? No you should wait until your cat and your home are flea free. After my 3 year old cat gets spayed will she still run out the door and stay out for hours before coming home and wanting to get back in.

My 18 year old female cat constantly meowing and about got me to my witt’s end. My cat keeps pooping on the floor in my bedroom in ONE spot. He knows how to use the litter box and uses it all day. 4 years old, spayed female. Cat getting really fat after giving birth 4 months ago? My cat gave birth to a litter 4 months ago, everything went fine.

My cat was outside and we heard him whining under the vehicle. My husband went to check on him and he is dragging his back legs. We just had to have one put down a few weeks ago. Since yesterday my other cat seems to be ill. Hes meowing and hissing and growling really loud and his tail is up and shaking. I have 2 neutered 8 year old males, one 8 year old spayed female and one 6 year old female that has not been spayed. My 14 wk old kitty does not want to eat and keeps shaking while he tries to sleep.

A few nights ago my cat fell down the stairs. He jumped over a baby gate and it fell, scaring him. I bought two male blue point Siamese kittens. One is much smaller than the other and was miss sexed as a female up until he is was 10 weeks old. I am at a loss on what to do. I have 3 cats, 2 males just turned 1 year and the other about 10 months and 1 female, about 8 months. Hi, We have a 5 month old Bengal kitten called Mr.

He seems to have settled in really well but has started to suck us alot. I adopted a 2 year old cat from the shelter who was not neutered. He was neutered before I took him home. I have never had a problem with her. We had a second cat up until recent, and we have a new borne baby in the house now 5 weeks. My cat has been acting strange the past few days. As u know from one of my recent questions about my runawy cat, I’m probaly getting a new one next week. I study animals but cats im not that good with. Indianna has resently ran away. She is very smart and is an out door cat. My sister and I recently moved in together and she brought her 2 year old cat in with my 2 10 year old sister cats. She had one tumour removed, but it came back. How do you stop stray cats from deficating in a common garden area? My cat Pandora is 16 months old.