I don’t think there’s much risk a cat would keep eating this yucky stuff, but if your cat keeps going back to it, wipe it off of everything and stop using it. Though the spray version is packaged for dogs, it’s easier to apply to cords than the cat version, which only has a dabber top. No, not their head, their teeth. Sometimes cats chew weird things because they have some tooth or gum discomfort, so make sure your vet finds your cat’s dental health acceptable. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the chewer in our family was the one diagnosed with a mild case of gingivitis. Indoor cats, in particular, may get restless. They need a more cat-fun environment and things to play with while you’re away.

Many cats love to play with that ball that really gathers momentum in there. Make sure your cat is getting all nutrients needed. You probably already feed your cat wholesome food that at least meets the AAFCO guidelines for minimum nutrients. Common mistakes with homemade cat food is the topic of a future post. My cat Earl chews my phone charger at least once a week. It has cost me hundreds of dollars replacing cords.

I am going to try everything in hopes that the madness will end! Blacky rarely goes to vet because he goes beserk. Last visit year or two ago and I was bloodied trying to surprise and grab him into carrier. He is stronger, faster and smarter than I. He was a feral kitten living in a tree when he adopted me. He periodically gets sick, vomiting and ejecting from his rear exit. The last bout provided a long piece of cellophane and he was better.

But he is back at it. He is 14 and still partly feral. I was wondering how effective it was and safe. Especially for a nine week old kitten. Has anyone tried to wrap their cords with no chew bandage for dogs? She’s so tiny and the blankets are huge!

100 in damage and we just cant get her to stop. Do you have any home remedies? Put the headphones in a nearby drawer. Some chords can be wrapped. What is your advice to keep my cats from chewing my baby’s pacifiers and nipples to his bottles. Thesee are the only things they chew. This takes away the deterrent sprays or keeping them in out of reach places.

They have a lot of toys as well. Really except when the baby needs or is using the pacifier or chewy toy, keep them put away-some in frdge-if teething toy. Otherwise if you are like most you will be washing off the baby’s toys and especially their pacifiers on a constant basis. Keep them in a jar with vinegar and water. Than just before giving to baby rinse off. I have a 13 year old cat who must have s lucrative deal with Apple, because she bites through every device cord we have!

We just tried spraying with an extremely bitter per deterrent spray, and the problem is it’s so strong that it leaves a strong residue on our hands when we go near anything we sprayed. Any idea how to at least get it off our chargers and counter top so we can try something else? Hopefully this will work for my 6 week old kitty! So far, I’ve been using a squirt gun. I sure hope he stops this when he gets a bit older. I had a 13 year old cat once who never ever touched a cord in her life and one day she did. I never want to have that happen ever again! Ginger cats seem to be chewers more than any other DSH. Our cat, about a year and a half old chews wires every once in a while. I notice its a habit when he knows its around his time to eat. Recently he chewed right through a heavy hdmi cord in back of cable box. Were not ever gone for too long. I cannot cover EVERY cord in our house! It seems to me it’s not that he likes the chewing , so much as he thinks it gets us moving so he will be fed if that makes sense.