Spray tans have come a long way in the last few years and provide a real alternative to sunbaking. Only ever applied by experienced therapists, we’re all about great spray tanning experiences. This is an excellent option for people who like to maintain a safe, naturally-tanned look year round as some of our clients come in weekly. Also fantastic for a special event or before going away on holiday. Ready to wash and wear from just 2-4 hours after application. So you can be assured that we have lots of experience with all shapes and sizes.

We are professional therapists so we’ll always make sure you feel comfortable and welcome. First time spray tanners almost always comment that it was not nearly as weird as they thought it would be. We’re so confident you’ll love your spray tan with us that we guarantee it. If you’re unhappy in any way please let us know and we will offer you the choice of a refund or complimentary spray tan. While you can shower from 2 hours after having the tan applied, you can leave it on for up to 5 hours before rinsing the bronzer away to achieve a darker colour. Once rinsed off it will still take between 12-24 hours to fully develop and see the results.

An Australian woman has created a onesie specifically for use after you’ve had a spray tan, to stop the product rubbing off and ruining your clothing or sheets. Read this: Stop the stain! It’s a problem many women face: what to wear after getting a spray tan. It’s not a case of what’s going to look best with their newly bronzed skin, but rather what item is the least likely to stain whilst the tan is developing. Now there’s a product that says it can help with that problem: the Tansie. The product is a cozy onesie that is designed to be worn after your tan is put on, keeping you warm and your tan from rubbing off. Creator Cathy Hedley, from Australia, said that she had the idea for the Tansie after working as a spray tan artist for eight years.

The majority of my tanning clients would bring inappropriate clothing to put on after their tans,’ she told Daily Mail Australia. I would cringe that they were putting back on their jeans or leggings or tight clothes only to ruin their fresh spray tan. Forget the rainbow craze, food is now going goth! Ms Hedley designed the product, whilst her husband came up with the name, and the Tansie was born. It features loose legs, a zip up the front, and hood with a leopard print trim. It also had two front pockets, and Ms Hedley says the Tansie is made of lightweight material so you won’t sweat. It comes on the back of the spray tan dress Ms Hedley designed.

The all black t-shirt dress is designed to do the same thing as the Tansie but to be worn in hotter months. The Tansie has already made waves, with fitness star Ashy Bines posting a selfie wearing one on Instagram. President Donald Trump reportedly told lawmakers Thursday in the Oval Office that he was mystified about why the U. Cherish-Rose Lavelle, 11, had a 10kg tumour growing on her ovaries. A woman was spotted pushing a pram on bitterly cold and frosty morning in Aberystwyth, Wales, on Thursday. The comments below have not been moderated. We are no longer accepting comments on this article.

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