For example, they typically test the pH balance, the temperature, and other properties of the urine. They may have someone overseeing the test too, which ensures the urine you are submitting did indeed come from your body at that point in time. Diluting your urine sample with adulterants is risky business. It didn’t take long before the labs got hip to that and refined the process to be able to detect the presence of such substances. Since then, if some kind of foreign substance is detected in your urine, it will be considered a positive analysis.

On balance, diluting your urine specimen is a losing proposition. If you want a viable alternative to diluting urine, something that you can  use today, have a look at the Total Detox Procedure procedure. This is flushing the system internally. Everyone knows that drinking lots of water is going to make you urinate more. Drinking several gallons of water can help to remove some toxins from your body, and help to dilute what you have taken in terms of drugs. However, there could be trace amounts of those substances that do remain in the body for days, weeks, and even months.

It depends on what it is and the volume -are you an occasional user, a chronic user, -only on the 4th of July? It also depends upon other variables. Body mass and metabolism levels vary from one person to the next. A 120 pound person will store less metabolites for a shorter period than a 200 pound person. If they test for creatinine, then you will likely have lower than normal levels of it after flushing. This is going to be hard to explain, as it is a highly probable indication that you have been trying to flush your system to clean up your urine.

Alternating water with sports drinks though, can be a good solution. It can help to clean up the urine and to pass toxins faster, all while helping you to keep decent enough creatinine levels. Increasing the amount of creatinine in your urine may help with diluting various types of drugs in the system. For the best results, you do need to start about 48 hours before the test will take place. Keep in mind that many tests for drugs also will identify the level of creatinine present. If it is spiking off the charts, it can be a red flag. However, you can always tell them that you are involved with using the supplement for a very strict diet and workout regiment.

If you are in decent shape, this could be a believable story that will at least buy you some time before a second test is conducted. Like’ it so others can find it too. Social buttons are found on each page. Thank you for spending some time here. Please share any insight you may have by leaving a comment below. Thanks for stopping by to visit.

Laboratories used for screening urine are sophisticated enough to detect adulterants such as Visine. I think you’ll be fine. I’d be interested in knowing if you had any problem with it, though. I just want to preface this by saying I’m a paranoid person, haha. But I don’t smoke weed or do any sort of drugs. I had a pre-employment drug test on Monday, which is no big deal — except that I was exposed to second hand pot smoke for about 40 minutes in an improperly ventilated car on the Saturday prior to my test — not even a full 48 hours before I had to take the test.

I didn’t feel high or any different than normal, but I wonder if my urine sample will test positive all the same. I drank lots of water on the Sunday prior to the test. Do you think this would have been enough time to flush anything that might’ve been in my system out? Or would the amounts of THC exposure be so minimal it wouldn’t even matter? Be sure and let me know how you made out on that one. Hey man I smoked weed but only took 2 hints nd had a drug test two weeks and 2 days later. But I also lift weights and run a lot every day! I drink water not a lot but I do. I had the drug test and I was worried about failing it! So I peed a little and added a little water as well, should i be good? As I wrote to Frank above, you, too, are dancing too close to the edge. No time to fool around.