Your first step is to vacuum vacuum vacuum! The eggs drop off your pet and land on your carpet or floor. Get rid of the flea eggs in your carpet. Get rid of the flea larvae in your carpet.

Get rid of the flea pupae in your carpet. When choosing an insecticide read the label. Check the label of sprays for active ingredients. Developing fleas avoid the light and make their way to dark areas. Can be bought in most supermarkets. Precor 2000 Plus is a hand held flea fogger.

After spraying the insecticide try not to vacuum for about two weeks as the IGR component will have a residual effect. Do fleas live in the yard? Spray patios, verandahs, kennels and nooks and crannies. You can also let off flea bombs or flea foggers under your house on a windless day. Next wash all of your pets bedding and soft toys. Home Remedy to kill fleas?

How do I get rid of fleas on my cat or dog? Which flea products do I use on my pet? Mild side effects can occur. You may think that topical applications or tablets are expensive but it can be false economy to use anything else. How can fleas harm my cat or dog? Flea infestations have been known to kill kittens.

Two weeks later and the fleas are back! Don’t delay as fleas multiply very quickly. Wash bedding and toys often. What is a flea cycle? An adult female flea can lay up to 600 eggs in its life time. Eggs can hatch anywhere between two days and two weeks.

After the eggs hatch they become larvae. They also thrive in sand and gravel. Which Breed is right for you? Why Does My Cat Pee on the Bed? Look at the size of the box itself. Make sure you’ve matched the size of the box with the size of your cat.

I know having a litter box in the house isn’t high on the list of attractive décor, but don’t skimp by getting a small box just so you can hide it in a corner. Your cat needs to be able to get into it comfortably. Another important thing to consider is whether you have provided an adequate number of litter boxes. You should more litter boxes than you have cats. At the very least, make sure the amount of boxes outnumber the cats by at least one. Maybe your cat tolerated it in an unappealing area for as long as he could and then decided he couldn’t take it anymore. Is the box in a noisy, insecure area? Or, is it hidden away so remotely that it would take GPS to find it? Did you move the box suddenly? Cats don’t like sudden changes. The box should be located in a quiet but easy to access area. In multicat homes, boxes should be scattered throughout the house so one cat doesn’t have to cross another cat’s path. What type of box is it? If the box has a cover, that might be what’s bothering the cat. Some cats feel too cramped in a covered box.